Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rachael - Cradle to Cradle/Cradle to Grave.

Cradle to Cradle
Cradle to cradle is turning waste into food so that we as human beings aren't just taking from the environment but giving back. This understanding of making our waste food for the environment is expressed through a novel called "cradle to cradle" which was co-written by William McDonough and the chemist Michael Braungart. The cradle to cradle thesis suggests that industry must preserve and revitalise the ecosystem whist still producing produces and outputs of goods that are satisfactory for their consumers. Creating an organic cycle, this healthy cycle of giving back to nature isn't just restricted to the industrial manufacturing it can also impact within an urban environment, buildings, economics and social systems.  

Cradle to Grave
Whilst cradle to grave is the complete opposite way to cradle to cradle promoting the idea of waste without meaning, having a product or goods that are produced for one meaning and once they are done they are either deposed off to a rubbish dump or they are recycled into something else but they are unable to be decomposed into the environment for sometimes hundreds of years. 

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