Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Christopher - Graffiti

The term graffiti - "Drawings or inscriptions made on walls or other surfaces, usually so as to be seen by the public."[1]

Graffiti has existed as long as humans have been conscience to record history. Although in different times to distinguish between art and graffiti has never been a factor. Now anything that appears to be placed somewhere without "permission" can and usually is identified as vandalism. But in ancient times these are documented and recorded as precious and very important pieces of art in art history and even social history.

Second century pagan graffiti

Modern day graffiti "Renks - 70K" in Melbourne

The thesis - graffiti artists, social commentators, propaganda artists or vandals?

I believe that they are all of these -------------------------------------------------------

They all inscribe their own mark on a surface, most in hope of public viewing, like any artist. They all make comments on society and social status whether or not they mean to or care to, as the fact is that graffiti in all forms is a reflection of society. Maybe that is why there are people that find it horrible and daunting, they live in a perfect world and can't handle the harsh truth that this world isn't as innocent as they would like it, so their lives become censored. A life with a closed mind to the people out there who do feel as if they have a cause other than the 'american dream'. This also why they can be classified as propaganda artists. And they are all vandals, that is how they have been labeled and it is how they are perceived by the mindless media and those who follow it.

Although there are so many different types of graffiti to class it all as one thing would be very very superficial.

The first and most identifiable form of graffiti is known as "tags" or also as "handstyles". This form is used by almost every graffiti artists. (Even those who some would classify as great artists - note the REKA tag at the bottom of the door)

Throwies or throw ups are the next along, usually eye catching and quickly done which gives most an abrasive look.

The next along are pieces. Pieces usually consist of 3 or more colours and backgrounds and are carefully done to make as perfect as possible to the sketch or idea they have in their head.



Everyones favorite graffiti artists Banksy the stencil artists

pastes up - REKA

"Wash your brain from brain washing - Okies"


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