Tuesday, April 28, 2009


graffiti is a type of art that has developed over hundreds of years to become a street form of art that many people do illegally and a lot of people see it as unclean but no matter what your view of 
graffiti is it is still art and most graffiti is done for a reason to express peoples feelings about something. Graffiti is becoming easier to do rather then having to spray the wall with hard designs they use stencils that don't look messy and are quicker to apply but the quickest way to put up some graffiti is using already
prepared bits of paper and just glueing them to the wall which is quick and easy but is still vandalism and the laws are changing to get even harsher on graffiti artists like if u are under 18 years old and are caught with spray cans it is 3 months second offense is 6 months and third is a year from my point of view graffiti is art and should be allowed on walls for a certain amount of time as long as it isn't rude or isn't just a tag written hugely 

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