Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Graffiti is it vandalism or art?

Graffiti is the unauthorized writing, scratching or marking of something onto property. Often you see tags (people who have simply scribbling their name or nickname). But on other occasions it can be a fine piece of artwork. The debate whether or not graffiti is art or just vandalism has been around in australian communities for years. 

Graffiti dates way back, Archaeologists have found ancient graffiti on the great pyramid at Giza in Egypt, on an Egyptian sphinx, and on walls in Pompeii. I believe that through out these years graffiti has grown. In my personal opinion I cannot say in one statement weather i DO or DO NOT like graffiti. I think each piece of graffiti must be judged individually.


As a large colorful picture like these ones on a large blank wall looks good and is better than a large empty space. Often graffiti is the only way someone who is not a known artist can convey their political, environmental or social message. 

An example of a very bad graffiti; 

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