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Bronson: Pathways "BACHELOR OF DRAMATIC ART (PRODUCTION CRAFTS)" "Bachelor of Visual Media"

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The Bachelor of Dramatic Art (Production Crafts) is a three-year, full-time course. Each student specializes in either Costume or Properties construction.


The Production Crafts, Properties stream course equips students with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes required to become a properties construction supervisor. The course provides technically skilled and creative students with a broad knowledge of theatre in general, a specialised theoretical and practical knowledge of play production and highly specialised vocational training in property construction.


The Production Crafts course emphasises vocational skills. Skills are taught through a close integration of formal class work, practical workshop experience and assignments within the NIDA Play Production Program.
As production crafts specialists are responsible for planning, constructing and maintaining the properties for the stage, television or film production, the course also provides a good working knowledge of the production process, as well as a broad understanding of dramatic literature.


Applicants seeking admission must:
  • have reached the age of 18 before the commencement of the course (in exceptional circumstances this may be waived)
  • hold a Higher School Certificate or its equivalent from any State or Territory in Australia or overseas (in exceptional circumstances this may be waived)
  • show at an interview a high level of intelligence, practical ability, artistic sense, authority, tact, potential and motivation
  • be fluent in spoken and proficient in written English language (equivalent to an overall band score of 8.0 IELTS).
All subjects are compulsory. NIDA students are required to complete a confidential health questionnaire to demonstrate their medical fitness to undertake the course and to assist NIDA in its duty of care to students.
The primary criterion for admission to the Production Crafts course is evidence of the applicant's potential for making a career in properties or costume construction in the arts entertainment industry.

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Bachelor of Visual Media

Duration:3 years full-time

Why choose this course?

This program will enable you to take advantage of the huge growth in professional creative opportunities not only on the Gold Coast but nationally and internationally.

The program offers you rich opportunities to broaden and improve your employment prospects through cross-study and specialisations. You have the flexibility to undertake a studio major within the program and to choose an elective major or specialisation from another area of the program or from other schools or faculties thereby completing a double major program.

In Year 1, you will study core courses which address basic skills and knowledge as well as undertaking a studio foundation component in which you will become competent in the basic skill of your studio major. In Years 2 and 3, you will become professionally competent in your studio major which include:

  • 3-Dimensional Design
  • Digital Design
  • ePhotojournalism
  • Fine Art
  • Graphic Design

Career opportunities

You will be well prepared for a dynamic future in industries that demand high professional standards and value creativity and innovative thinking. Your career prospects are broad and growing as organisations continue to recognise the critical importance of the visual aspect of effective communication in the modern world.

3-Dimensional Design: Graduates are highly valued in the design, production and manufacturing sectors particularly where products, furniture, lighting fixtures, packaging, exhibitions and trade shows, film and television modelling and set design, signage and environmental graphics are required.

Digital Design: Graduates have a unique combination of creative design and software specialisations which enables them to take advantage of opportunities in post-production animation and video production, web and games production as well as printing for industry.

ePhotojournalism: Graduates with a keen appreciation of the politics and philosophies underpinning the photographic discipline and a demonstrated eagerness to work innovatively in their chosen photographic specialisation - whether press or new media - will be capable of securing a rewarding career at a professional level anywhere in the world.

Fine Art: Graduates are entering a sector that is expanding exponentially with career opportunities in professional practice, arts management, public art, curatorship and art education. Fine Art graduates from the Queensland College of Art have an enviable record of career success as professional artists. Many have works in private and public collections and have won scholarships and national and international awards. Fine Art graduates also hold significant posts in the arts, education and administration.

Graphic Design: Graduates find rewarding careers in the visual design industries including print and corporate design, publishing and packaging, advertising and marketing, television and digital media.

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  1. nida course is competitive for placemnt. a friend of mine teaches drawing for this course. she says its amazing course and atmosphere. there's also wapa at edith cowan in perth to consider