Sunday, May 24, 2009

Candy - The long Term Plan

The Long Term Plan
When I first started my learning journey at Kingscliff Tafe I wasnt sure what New Career I would like to do, so with the help of a wonderful teacher named Julie Kubus, we searched the web for an appitude test which I undertook online from there I typed in all my interests an hobbies and my thoughts.
In those results was a list of subjects I could choose, Graphic Design was one of the options. I was glad to see it on the list as it was something I thought I would like to do when I left school.

So I made the decision that thats what Im goin to do, I will see it through no matter how many years I need to study for it.
Starting this year I took my second option which was the Design Course which im really enjoying. (12 months)
Next year I would like to apply for the CertIV- Graphic Design Foundation as I feel its my next stepping stone. (12months)
The following year is when I take my biggest step for the Diploma of Graphic Design. (possible 2years)

Thats if all goes according to plan, is always good to have a backup plan. Im still working on that one.

I would like to stay studying at Kingscliff Tafe, im comfortable studying here and its not far for me to drive there. Looking to study off the coast is not an option for me as I have already moved my kids into a few different schools, and they dont need anymore up heavels. So I've made my decision and Im sticking to it.

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  1. good response but second option not addressed nor details of deadlines and requirements