Tuesday, May 19, 2009

JADE THOMAS - possible further education

nominal hours - 80. 

This course is for people whom want to acquire knowledge and skills
to pursue employment and/or further training in screen and media 3D animation planning and development using software tools such as 3D Studio Max.  

Career Opportunities
Possible job titles relevant to this training program include: web designer, media designer and fine artist. 

Entry Requirements
 There are no formal educational requirements for this training program. 

Design and Fabric Printing
This course targets an important and high profile niche sector in the design industry, namely the artisan/designer printer who develops and prints their own designs on base cloths for a variety of end uses, including the fashion and or furnishing sectors. The course also provides training in design skills and knowledge for people who want to develop commercial fabric print designs for local and international markets, which may be produced on a mass scale. The emphasis of the qualification is to develop fabric print designers, who also have some technical knowledge of the mechanics of printing fabrics.    You learn how to create and print innovative designs for fabrics while you apply considerations of aesthetics and function, and use a range of design and fabric printing applications technology. The course trains you for work in large printing and design firms, small printing workshops, or self-employment.
Career Opportunities
Fabric designer and/or printer. 
Possible courses that this one may lead you to: 
- the Diploma of Design and Fabric Printing (7880)
- the Diploma of Fashion Design (7809)
- the Advanced Diploma of Interior Design (7557). 

Entry Requirements
 NSW Higher School Certificate (or equivalent). It would be an advantage to have access to relevant studio practice.

The above are two courses that i may wish to study once i complete certificate IV design fundamentals.
for further information please visit the official TAFE website.

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  1. 3d course would most probably be of introductory nature one day a week for a term. then get a copy and practice. if you feel you need a more structured and longer course apparently southbank offer an animation course.wheres the fabric design course there are probably a lot of common modules to design but worth doing again because of orientation and customisation of unit.