Thursday, May 21, 2009

MIRANDA: Where to next?

After this course I was to do Design Certificate IV then hopefully get into Graphic Design Diploma which I was originally told I could finish by the time I’m 19 but by the looks I will be 20 when I finish. Ultimately I want to get a job in graphic design while building up a client base and experience to also do freelance work.


I love studying here at Kingscliff TAFE and I have learnt a lot so far. It’s close to home which is good as I am too poor to move out of home. I most likely at this point continue my studies here; I like it too much to change.

Certificate IV Graphic Design Foundation

This course is for persons who wish to gain foundation skills, knowledge and attitudes required to work in the graphic design industries.On completion, graduates wil apply vocational training in the theoretical and practical aspects of graphic design for entry work into the industry as junior assistant designer or finished artist in the graphic arts or graphic design industries.

Application deadline: 31st October
Campus: Kingscliff TAFE
Cost: $456 per semester + course related charges - $300
Articulation: Certificate IV in Design.
Entry requirements: Year 12 pass 10 HSC units or equivalent statement from another educational authority.
Student selection: Submit a portfolio of six works, three pieces of which are own selection and 3 set by the campus.

Diploma of Graphic Design
This course is for persons who want to gain skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to develop and communicate creative graphic design solutions across the areas of print and digital design.On completion, graduates will apply vocational training in the theoretical and practical aspects of graphic design to enter the industry with the aim of becoming an assistant graphic designer in a professional practice, or work as a freelance practitioner.Employment may be found in a range of areas including publishing, large corporations or government departments, video and TV production houses, printers or advertising agencies.

Career Opportunities: Assistant Graphic Designer, Graphic Artist; Illustrator; DigitalArtist/Designer/Illustrator.Entry requirements: The entry requirement for this course is completion of the NSW Higher School Certificate or a relevant Certificate III qualification, or equivalent.
Selection Method: Your selection into this course will be based on the information provided on the TAFE NSW Application Form, the results from an aptitude test and the submission of a portfolio.

Apptitude Test: You must undertake an aptitude test. The aptitude test is in two parts, the first must be submitted with the application form. If you pass the first part of the aptitude test you will be required to sit for the second part at the campus and may also be required to submit a portfolio of your work to substantiate yourability.

Portfolio: In the case of the portfolio, the number of samples submitted should be a minimum of ten (10) pieces. The samples submitted must demonstrate knowledge, skills and ability relevant to graphic design.

Application deadline: 31st October
Campus: Kingscliff TAFE
Cost: to be advised + course related charge - $500


When I finished year 10 there was an offer for students to go to a short workshop at the Queensland Institute of Graphic Art and I went and really enjoyed it, learned a fair bit in the time I was there. Also they do a lot of industry work there and I think they give work experience. At the end we all got offers to come and study there the following year, but as I hadn’t finished year 12 I couldn’t enroll. This could be a possibility for me to think about again now that I will have some equivalent certificates.

Queensland Institute of Graphic Art
INTRODUCTORY COURSE - A two week full time prerequisite course designed to assess each applicant's ability and potential while providing valuable insight and hands-on experience to the courses offered prior to enrolment, or any further commitment.

Certificate of Graphic Art and Design - The full time Certificate Course of Graphic Art and Design is an extensive broad based course combining all four essential areas of Graphic Design, Typography, Computer Graphics and Graphic Reproduction, giving students greater all-round ability and knowledge.

Diploma of Graphic Art and Design - The full time Diploma of Graphic Art and Design is an advanced level and extension of the Certificate course, designed to further enhance both practical and computer skills for immediate employment opportunities through the Institute's unique "Art Start" programme and direct involvement with major corporations.

Part-time courses - In addition to our Certificate and Diploma career courses QIGA also offers 3 new exciting part-time Computer Graphic courses, each designed to meet both your personal and professional needs. All courses are industry structured and offer a comprehensive coverage of the major graphic programmes including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Acrobat.*

QIGA Creative - Individual programmes of 20 hours each. Classes are Monday and Tuesday from 9am to 2.30pm. (*Minimum classes of 4). Enquire about our QIGA Creative Package pricing.

QIGA Integrated - An advanced level of Graphic Design in Print, Packaging and Graphic Reproduction over 10 weeks following the QIGA Creative Package. Classes are Thursday and Friday from 9am to 2.30pm.

QIGA Sunset Courses - One-on-one. A course designed for those who wish to target specific areas of the Creative Package at either introductory or advanced levels. The hours required are based on individual assessment. Classes Monday to Friday from 3pm to 5pm.


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