Tuesday, May 12, 2009


As I'm wanting to stay local, I've tried looking at Southern Cross University but it only offeres Art courses that I'm not interested in with tones of theory down in Lismore. I would much rather go to tafe as you seem to get the exact same skills as you would attending an university course and is much cheaper for a budget like mine as I don't want a debt over my head at such a young age.
I really enjoy the tafe atmosphere and what Kingsclif has to offer. The main reason why I enrolled here in the first place was to meet the requirements for the course, Diploma of Graphic Design, hoping to one day take part in it. It offers skills that I'm extremely interested in learning to one day help me be in a career that I love doing also providing me with a professional portfolio. 

At the start of looking at courses at tafe the Graphic Design Foundation Certificate, appealed to me. I think this course would be a great path to follow to gain experience and to lead onto the diploma if I'm luckily enough to be good enough. Through doing the Design Course I'm currently doing now, if I chose to pursue the Graphic Design Course this would give me a great chance to put a sucsessful portfolio together to either go onto the Diploma course or out into the work force doing something I love.

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  1. take note of deadline and portfolio requirements. discuss second option