Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Future Reference.
Well i only finished year 10 last year, and decided to do this course because i love design and the electives at school were pretty crap cause they didnt have many classes that had design. I really enjoy this course. I have no idea where im going to go next year. I was thinking about maybe applying for the Diploma Graphic Design course at kingscliff tafe next year, but im not so sure. Id rather be doing a course that is hands on like this one.  Im not sure if there is a diploma for just design. Im so so so confused with what i want to do, i might have a meeting with the careers counciler to discuss my options. I really have no idea, im not one for deciding.
After i see the careers counciler i might be able to write a better blog about it, cause i will have a better idea of the options i have.

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