Tuesday, May 12, 2009

LuLu : Future Endeavours :)

I'm really interested in graphics, i love book and magazine cover designs, posters and signs. The ways that typography, and designs using shapes, line and colour catch our attention are amazing! There are so many artists, both graphic and of the traditional arts that amaze me and one day i hope to be able to express myself as well as they have learnt to do in their work.

Certificate IV in Graphic Design Foundation

This course is for persons who wish to obtain foundation skills, knowledge and attitudes required to work in the graphic design industries. 
Learners will carry out and apply a range of professional design activities with emphasis being placed on the development of a visual vocabulary, strong image concepts, visual problem solving and communication and perceptual skills. Learners create and execute design concepts and present finished artwork using a combination of traditional studio media and digital technologies.
Complete an application form by 31 october 2009.
Cost: $456 per semester + course related fees of $500.

STUDENT SELECTION: A portfolio of at least 10 works. And PERHAPS ( according to Craig) an aptitude test.

This course is for persons who want to gain skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to develop and communicate creative graphic design solutions across the areas of print and digital design.
Learners extend their creative thinking, analytical and problem solving skills that underpin a successful design solution while building on their experiences in the handling of relevant media, techniques technologies.
Fees: (to be advised) + $500 course related charges.
STUDENT SELECTION: application information, portfolio and an aptitude test.

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  1. black type difficult to read. where do you intend to study. when is the deadline? portfolio?