Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Post 6 - Kyande - Life After Tafe


I am hoping to achieve a lot throughout this course that will slingshot me into the Graphic Design world.
I have been offered work experience with Yen Magazine in the Art Director Apartment
last year and I will be following it through when I know I'm ready and have all of my certificates in my back pocket.
This year i will place in my application (fingers crossed) for Cert.4 Design which will allow me a chance for that lovley diploma! :-)

Next year I will be applying for the Graphic Design Diploma and will try my best for my portfolio. I need to work on my confidence in my produced work though, and keep on the ball.
If i do not apply my full potential by my application for the Diploma - it will result in applying for my Cert. 4 in Graphic Design Foundation.

This Graphic Design is something i want to pursue and keep flowing like a rainbow for 40+ years from now. Art Director of magazines is the career i definatly want to pursue, but you never know what that yellow brick road may lead me to - a different choice perhaps.
I am the type of person who plans but not leaps - but if the opportunity strikes then i will catch it without a a second breath.

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