Tuesday, May 12, 2009

were to next - eddy

when i finish this coarse u would like to do a graphic design coarse maybe for a diploma or something that way i can get out into the world and start working after i have completed the coarse maybe designing business cards , or signs on the side of the road . If i wasn't to do that i would probably get into cartoon animation or design for television or internet i have always found animation fun and think it would be a interesting career or maybe even animation into movies like making the monsters or maybe even animation design for games designing characters and things or maybe special effects on people if i was to get into game design they run a coarse at Tafe n.s.w full time for 714 hours for this coarse u must apply by october 1st requirements are certificate IV in 3D animation and digital effects or equivalent in graphic design or printing www.tafensw.edu.au/howex/servlet/Course?Command=GetCourse&CourseNo=19201

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  1. acknowledge you are a bad speller and always use spellcheck. especially if you are signwriting and doing business cards. it could be a costly mistake with a lot unhappy customers. depending on your computer skills you may need to do a multi media course first. more thought and research needed