Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Where To Next-    graphic design: banners, business cards, photoshop, ect..     
Well i would like to continue until i reach a level that i can go out and get freelance work for my self and start to make a name for my work and its appeal to consumers. if i had the chance to continue i would but i have areas where it feels like I'm better off doing more studying witch i have no experience in. if i had more help in some areas where i slack out i think i would have a better chance at higher achievement.

games design:
games have been something i loved when i was a kid if i wasn't playing a game i was righting and thinking of new games and how to make already good games better. when i first started drawing it was of little pictures of a game or character in a game. games like crash, gta, die hard, and animated tv show like dragonball z in spired me to draw for more info on both course go to    


  1. always ask if you need help. a good designer perseveres to solve the problem. games design is software intense and the industry is changing with the intro of the iphone and smaller apps

  2. still lacking in detail and not answering question