Tuesday, May 5, 2009

David Carson - Eddy

David Carson was first noticed as a graphic designer in the 1980's in a short 2 week coarse at the university of arizona later he went on to go to san diego st university as well as oregon college of commercial art in 1983 later on when he travelled to switzerland he went to a 3 week design workshop and meet a great designer hans-Rudolph lutz which happened to be his first great mentor. 
 he became quiet well known as a design in the 1990's with his inventive designs and also in the 1970's he was  a professional surfer he also directed skateboarding and surfing magazines as well as a few music videos because he was a well known director of surfing mags and more famously style magazine ray gun 
 Carson became very interested in a new style of typography and photography based design which inspired many young designers of the 1990's his work doesn't follow the traditional way as he is emotional attached to his creations 

he won many awards such as the the best overall design , cover of the year , designer of the year 1998 and 1999, the master of typography and also the most famous graphic designer on the planet in 2004

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  1. some interesting info. dont know what the bottom image is about. map is by paula scher.surfing images dont really define what david carsons style is about