Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Julz_AustralianBikerSubculture Post 3

Bikers have used Tattooing for generations as unique markings to identify themselves.
Many Biker gangs have their own Tattooists and the Tattoo is often associated with the initiations that new members are required to partake of.

Tattoos are used by both men and women and on all parts of the body.
The Tattoo is used to enhance 'sex appeal' and also to show a sense of 'Toughness', 'Rebellion' and even to induce 'Fear' into those who see them.

The gangs use similar designs to decorate their bikes as well as themselves and there are regular shows where they show off their tattoos.
The pho
to above is taken at a local Bikers Club show of the 'Odins Warriors'.
These image
s were accessed from http://www.flickr.com/photos/

Female tattoos are especially prized in Bi
ker Communities and the showings of these Tats are usually accompanied by partying and celebration.

Alternatively the female form or name is often chosen as the design image.

Even the face is used as a blank palette, I can't image how painful this would be!
He must be really TOUGH....

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