Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Girly Tattoo's By Emma

Many young females are getting tattoos nowadays, so the presence of girly tattoo designs is quickly increasing. It used to be believed that tattoos were for guys, as a sign of masculinity, and that any tattoo girl was rebellious or bad behaving
Girly tattoo's cover a wide range of images such as
 Hello Kitty, Alice in Wonderland
 and other disney and cartoon shows and also designs including flowers, fairies, cupcakes and butterflies, birds, dolphins,cats and dogs and other animals.
Flower designs are incredibly popular in Girly Tattoos and each flower has a meaning, the Rose is the flower of a pure heart, Buttercups he flower of riches and wealth, Daisies the flower of innocence, Sunflowers are the flowers of beauty and Tulips are the flowers of Enchantment.  These tattoos are vibrant in colour and design
Just like any other style girly tattoos can be placed anywhere on the body such as feet, neck, back, arms, chest etc.

Men also can get flower tattoos but these are often followed by a name of a spouse or child and placed on the arm or shoulder blade.

Girly tattoos are delicate and soft in colour and line. They include swirls and vine like images with stars and flowers incorporated  around a picture or word. Colours include the obvious pink but also yellow, blue, purple and other bright vibrant colours.


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