Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hayley: My Ten

  1. Maintain my commitment to the creation of work of the highest quality.
  2. Practice honest and timely communication with my client. Confusing communication must be viewed as a negative reflection on the design profession as a whole. Foster the free flow of information. Make sure that the communications we create are actually useful to the client.
  3. Make responsible choices about materials and the processes of manufacturing to reduce consumption and waste. Encourage the use of recycling and recyclable products. Minimize impact on the environment.
  4. Recognize and note all contributions to my work. Acknowledge collaborations. Don't take credit for another designers work as my own.
  5. Be honest with clients when describing my professional experience and competencies.
  6. Be aware of labeling requirements for safety and instructions. Identify materials and country of manufacture. Be honest with the consumer.
  7. Acquaint myself with the business of the client to properly meet their needs. Maintain confidentiality and provide honest and impartial advice.
  8. Be conscious of the ethics of particular businesses/ companies. Good designs shouldn't support 'bad' companies. Don't support, through the design profession, any companies that utilize child labor, animal testing, profiting from war or exploitation of people. Also make sure that the prospective client is not producing toxic waste as an after effect of manufacture.
  9. Be a positive influence on consumers and clients and inspire social and environmental responsibility.
  10. Protect my own work via copyright, trademarking and patent laws.

In Search of Ethics in Graphic Design — AIGA | the professional association for design
Code of Ethics

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