Tuesday, March 3, 2009

POST 2: Lou: 10 commandments

ONE. I believe that each designer as an individual has their own ethics, and that even though its difficult at times, that we must respect each others opinions and beliefs.

TWO. I could only ever work for companies that are selling items that i am comfortable with in my own life. I think it's wrong to throw a positive spin on an item that i think of as a bad product in my own life. For example, cigarettes. 

THREE. I think it's important to know facts about the client you are working for and to be sure on how exactly their company works. I would be disgusted in myself if i realised after designing for the client that they endorsed things such as child labour.

FOUR. As a designer i think its important to use any power you may have to stand behind good causes. The use of recycled products, and paper whenever possible is a good starting off point. 

FIVE. In an industry that is based on public lifestyle, research of design is very important. You don't want to be insulting anyones beliefs, culture or offending the public due to lack of research.

SIX. Respect copyright laws and agreements.

SEVEN. To always be enthusiastic towards designing, and working in collaboration with others.

EIGHT. Keep an open mind.

NINE.  "Seek criticism, not praise"

TEN. Document all processes, keep thumbnails and where ideas originated from.

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