Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Some cultures like hillbillies do stupid things but too tattoo a a stupid message or picture that will be there for life is the dumps thing iv ever seen some one do to them selves. it can be quite funny and hummers but i'm not  laughing with them i'm laughing at them. there stupidity is one of the funniest things iv seen in a long time like the tattoo "welcome to the social" how stupid do u have too be to get that tattooed on your back and how hillbilly is it too get a pig with the types of meat it hold in the areas it is on your lower back how are u going to see this and wtf is it for this and the rest are stupider but stevo is ok its a little dump but if you love your self enought would u get a tattoo of you smiling with a stupid smirk.       http://www.hillbilliesmcc.com/
www.wikiepidia.com www.google.com www.celebritytattoos.org/weirdest-tattoos/

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  1. dont know if you have defined the hillbilly subculture. no links. your post is more your personal thoughts than attempting to answer the question through research. needs more work