Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ten Commandments Julz Post 2

Ten Commandments of Design Ethics

1 Respect Copyright Laws - Designers spend many hours developing and processing their ideas, so don't try to rip off ideas as you may well end up in court.

2 Contractual agreements (hard-copy) rather than handshake or word of mouth as the written and signed agreement over-rides the word of mouth, so amend any written contract with changes as they are made and re-sign off on the changes.

3 Document the design process with all written and drawn concepts, and ideas. If you want the copyright to be covered then send the ideas and documents in a sealed registered envelope to yourself so that the date stamp at the Post Office is clearly shown this will be evidence if needed later if the idea has been stolen and used to make $$$.

4 Remember to maintain a professional attitude when dealing with all the personal and confidential information that a client will need to reveal to you when commissioning you - be sure to keep this information "confidential"
even with friends and family, just make it a habit not to boast and give this info away, let the designs you make boast for you on your behalf...

5 Research the idea, designs, and concepts making sure that they will not transgress the culture, religion or traditions of other people groups.

6 Always give recognition and reference to those concepts and ideas that are used in your work. The name of the designer or creator should be listed clearly.

7 Communicate clearly and regularly with you Client use email if possible to keep track of meetings and other details if possible, make a note in your diary of each contact and be consistent and always follow up by doing what you have agreed to

8 Keep integrity intact. Always maintain the personal standards that you have. If you are required to step outside those boundaries then reconsider and offer the client an alternative if its unworkable. ie. Advertising cigarettes, alcohol, porn, or religious or anything that you consider harmful to humanz.

9 Attitude Attitude Attitude if this is the designer's mantra, then always keep a positive attitude to the ideas and designs of others too. Keep an open heart and mind in order to allow your own creativity flow out.

10 Be kind to yourself, love yourself, take time out for yourself and breathe the beautiful fresh air. Don't use those toxic substances without the proper
Personal Health and Safety gear on, and be aware of others when using them outside too.
For example: paint spray cans, glues, fiberglass copper, lead-based products.

All of these 10 commandments above I will adhere to.

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  1. great work julie. please watch time management