Tuesday, March 3, 2009

ethics of design

ten ethic's of design
  1. you should create and design your own work. the more original design the more likely your not going to trade mark or copy right.
  2. your should research the design work you have created in many ways like on web sites company signs logos.
  3. you should not copy other peoples work in any way unless it is different in many ways. 
  4. try to make your work appealing to your costumers.
  5. you should never slack off when working for other people or companies because it makes you look bad and may lead to unemployment and find it hard to gain employment.
  6. you should always trade mark and copy write own work even if u might not think the idea is not good enough to make money.
  7. you should never use slave or child labor because it will make your work or company look bad in many peoples eyes.
  8. you should give recognition  to other peoples work that may have inspired you in some way or another. 
  9. when finishing work for a costumer you should make sure the costumer is happy with the the work before you make you are happy with it because the costumer is paying for what they want not what you want.
  10. always make your work nice and presentable to the costumer for presentation and have a back up idea for safety. 
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