Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Post 2:-Susie's 10 Commandments of Design Ethics

  1. Respect others ownership of ideas, work, designs etc and never try to use someone else's idea/design as your own.
  2. Ask artist's permission to use their photos, music etc. in your work.
  3. Make references/recognition to those photos, concepts, ideas which may have been used in your work.
  4. Australian made materials and labour.  No child labour.
  5. No testing on animals.
  6. Awareness of environmental impact with use of materials and production.
  7. Document and keep all original sketches of ideas, concepts, designs etc for further reference to your ownership.  Protect with copyright
  8. Set a precedent/understanding/agreement with each & every client with what they can do with work completed, e.g. reproduce work or part of the work in different size or shape or mass produced globally
  9. If working together in a group situation on a project for a client, be aware of contracts initially made with client with regards to ownership, distribution, income etc.
  10. When working in an independent group, have an agreement in place with regards to ownership of design, idea, process, production & income etc. and always acknowledge each individual of their contribution
  11. Consider and research any impact of design/idea on culture, tradition and religion
  12. Consider possible misuse of design
  13. Be honest with experience and competencies and provide honest and impartial advice
  14. Maintain confidentiality of all client information


  1. Never thought of your #12, Susie..that's a good one. Clare