Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rachael's 10 commandments!

Ethics as a designer:

  1. Truthful in recognising references. 
  2. Identifying where ideas grew from.
  3. Don't steal other peoples ideas/finished products.
  4. Explore many different aspects to provide a final result.
  5. Take constructive criticism on board. Use this to develop and reconstruct my projects/designs.
  6. Originality and individuality.
  7. Have a process in which your final product comes from. 
  8. Write down all and any ideas when brainstorming.
  9. I wouldn't purposely do anything that could bring harm to children... so I wouldn't work for Bronson!
  10. I don't agree with animal cruelty when it comes to the production of products to an extent. (with the killing of pests I can understand but the killing of rare or endangered animals, I can't see the point).

Information that can assist and/or inform the individual of issues faced within society:

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  1. POST good but links not relevant to the practice of being a designer