Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tribal tattoo's - Eddy

tribal tattoos first started with the sun god in nearly every culturerecently tribal tattoo's have started coming back . the art of skin decoration dates back as far as man. it was one of mans first instincts to paint himself with ash from a burnt stick when he found himself without great amounts of body hair . this helped
 with camouflage .

the emergence or revival of the ancient tribal art of tattooing is by no means restricted to the present generation of young males and females in western countries. after tribal tattooing was banned for a century or two they are starting to come back in the native tribes.

the oldest tribal tattoo's known to man are of the bronze age researchers were amazed at a mummified man they found in a glacier that had mythical creatures tattooed on his arms legs and torso .

western culture now has a acceptance of tribal tattooing more research is being done on tribal tattoos , tribal people , there arts and lifestyles and more and more western people are now interested in tribal tattooing 

tribal tattoos give the wearer a link to all present human society a past tribal culture where the tattoo had an inner meaning to the wearer not just a modern symbol like a Micky mouse tattoo


and google images for tribal tattoo's


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