Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Graffiti Artists-PSALM.

                              GRAFFITI ?*#
Graffiti in the dictionary defines-The graffiti on the underpass 
STREET ART,spraypainting,inscriptions,drawings,defacement,vandalism.I see Graffiti as being a free creative world for artists to explore different boundaries on the streets and to get noticed by their 'Street' names.
I don't see graffiti art being unwanted or messy. I see it as a creative aspect of everyday life. Stop and look at the art on the walls of the cities. Think how much time was spent on each spray painted art and gain some respect for people exploring their cre
ative ability.Most graffiti art is created by spray cans and markers. Some other forms of presenting their art on walls is by making posters and stencils and painting/sticking them on the wall.


                                                       #\ PSALM STREET ARTIST  /#
PSALM is a famous graffiti street artist, situated in Melbourne. He has a very unique a
nd individual style to his art. He has been involved with graffiti art since 1989. He was one of the first street artists to paint in Melbourne. He has inspired many artists with stenciling and street art. He produces very fine detailed art. His subject matter varies greatly from Pop Art to Re-contextualizing historical artistic images.

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