Tuesday, March 3, 2009

post 2 Cien 10 ETHICS of being a DESIGNER

  1. C o m m u n i c a t i o n - without communication you may be on the wrong wave length and waste precious time.
  2. P e o p l e S k i l l s - without people skills you may miss the vital signs of turning a project into something better and getting more work from clients
  3. R e s p e c t - you must respect the decisions of your client as you are keeping them happy and processing what they want in your form of design
  4. I n i t i a t i v e - you must use initiative to gain experience and to think of new concepts.
  5. T h i n k i n g O u t s i d e T h e B o x - something that may seem wacky and out there could one day be the new everyday necessity.
  6. O r i g i n a l i t y - start simple and work your way up, through other peoples ideas yours may blossom into new uniques concepts and designs
  7. H o n e s t y - be true to yourself and others
  8. T h o u g h t P r o c e s s - always use a thought process and research, ideas always branch out to something better if you let them
  9. N e w U n i q u e C o n c e p t s - if it's not new and unique it won't be out there and fresh to the general public, incorporate your own original style to everything you do.
  10. P a s s i o n - if you don't feel passion for what you are doing then your design will be hindered by this, if you don't agree with animals being killed for products don't design for something you don't believe in as your passion won't be in it.
  11. D o n ' t h o l d b a c k - If you hold every idea in your head no matter how stupid it may seem that idea could have been the one that would of linked to your next idea and making your design that so much better.

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