Tuesday, March 31, 2009

cradle to cradle CHRISTOPHER

Cradle to Grave - Occurring or persisting from beginning to end: “the cradle-to-grave effects on the environment of making, using and disposing of a product (Cynthia Crossen, Wall St. Journal 5/17/94).

Cradle to Cradle - Is a holistic economic, industrial and social framework that seeks to create systems that are not just efficient but essentially waste free. (Lovins, L. Hunter (2008). Rethinking Production in State of the World 2008, pp. 38-40.)

The simplest thesis idealistically showing the corresponding differences portrayed by the two philosophies cradle2cradle and cradle2grave is that one promotes positive regeneration of products and the other looks at the life cycle and end disposal of the product. The difference between recycling and and actually improving a product can be defined by these two labels.

the first symbol so commonly known as the recycle symbol shows that the life cycle of the material is re-used and re-used, but in this instance of cradle to grave the material is usually downgraded and downgraded to something of less importance or value each time. The sense behind cradle to cradle theory is to actually upgrade a product. This is the perfect way to create an innovative new design that is ecologically sustainable.

This figure shows cradle to cradles use to optimize the design to create something environmentally friendly and socially beneficial. Which is perfect use of the cradle to cradle theorem.

This image shows the product being totally re used to make the same product to save it from adding to landfill. Which is an important factor in todays consumerist capitalist society.

Paul Laffoley, a visionary artist, I believe is at the cutting edge of cradle to cradle design, he has art works of how to bio create a house with by planting a seed and the house is made out of the land. Other designs are that of an aircraft that cleans the oil of the surface of the ocean and uses it to fly from country to country. But he is too far ahead, I'm sure everyone will have to wait years to get what he means.


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  1. thanks for telling me about Paul Laffoley. inspiring!