Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oriel: Ten Personal Ethics as a Designer

1. Design Integrity.  The issue of design integrity is important to me.  My first job when I left uni was at "Kuranda Arts Co-operative".  Here I worked with many craft artists and learnt about the threat of their design ideas being ripped off by others.  The "percentage" a design could be changed seemed minimal, which was a concern for many of them.  For this reason I am always very aware of creating my own designs from scratch, (perhaps so much to the extent that it has hindered my productivity!).  

2.  Environmental.  It makes total sense to only use products, wherever possible, that have a minimal impact on the environment.  Pollution through industrial processing & waste is significant, and as a designer we have the opportunity to contribute to minimizing this. 

This is a really great guide to paper and print production and the Environment.  Well worth reading to understand some of the processes:

3. Australian Industry.  Internalizing manufacture within Australia is significant.  While it is tempting to move off-shore to gain the access to cheaper production costs, it can be shooting yourself in the foot to do so.  While the costs may be higher to produce a product in Australia, it is far more beneficial to the Australian economy to create jobs by using local business.  This creates income for the local economy, which keeps us all going!  Also, having a product made in Australia can give it a higher respect in the consumer's eye. 

4.   Maintain an open and honest communication with the client.  

5.   Work to pre-arranged time constraints.  Manage time well to satisfy all parties in the design/production process.

6.  Avoid Human Rights violation.

7.  Avoid cruelty to Animals.

8. Stay open and flexible to client's ideas and interests.

9.  Thoroughly research work projects and company's history and integrity.

10.  Voice ethical concerns to the client, even if it will mean losing the job, it is important for people to be made aware of the negative impact they are choosing, giving them the option of an alternative.

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