Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Gothic Tattoo's are an important part of the 'Goth' look. Representing that special brand of subculture that developed in both Europe and the United States in the late 1970s. Gothic people are very created in their ability with tattoo's.
The main styles of gothic tattoo's are, Fantasy like (dragons/demons/gothic fairies*/Magical substances.),Medieval. Some other styles of gothic tattoo's relate to the term 'Occult' (images relating to witchcraft, the tarot, the viking runes, and other mystic crafts.) Some wiccan(witchcraft) tattoo's include- Pentagon (5 pointed star), the Athame (a double edged blade used in rituals), and symbols related to the four elements(earth/air/fire/water).  Many people think that these 'Occult' tattoo's are to be evil and to do with santanisam, these people are very wrong. They are signs of prehistoric religions that gothic tattooist's dug out and celebrate by getting them etched on their bodies. The gothic iron cross tattoo design is a symbol of religion. This is one of the most common of goth tattoo's. Some have the christian cross covered in vines. Whilst others have spiders webs,skulls or blood.
*the most common Gothic Fairies is of a girl, sitting on the ground with a tear i
n her eye and her wings tattered. She may also have chains,fishnet stockings or even horns.
Gothic Old English Style lettering.

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