Tuesday, March 17, 2009


The Australiana sub culture is a new breed of Australians that are very patriotic and loyal to their country. People believed their passion was fueled from the Cronulla riots in 2005 -link to info on the Cronulla riots-marking their bodies to show their loyalty and passion for their country.
Mostly young people have been filled with passion for their country showing their love and patriotisms by tattooing themselves and leaving a permanent mark that’s a constant reminder to themselves and to others.

Not only young men but also woman are marking themselves with the; Southern Cross, the Australian crests, the boxing kangaroo, the Australian flag, the historic man Ned Kelly and other Australiana icons with personal meaning. All these
things represent a sense of belonging and pride to their country, Australia.

Most people do not hide their Australian tattoos but put them in places where people can see them and they can show them off that they are born and breed Australian and are so proud of what they live and breath for.

Tattoo designers have used combinations of the Australiana themes to give the tattoos more meaning and individualism to make them stand out from the rest. Usually combinations consist of the Southern Cross and another icon.


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