Tuesday, March 31, 2009

post 4 Cien Argus - G r a f f i t i A r t i s t s

Graffitti artists,social commentators, propaganda artists or vandals? Everyone has their own way to describe these forms of 'art'. I think it depends on the personal morals of the person and what their trying to prove to which cateogory they fall into, either it be;

G r a f f i t i    a r t i s t s :Definition: A person who paints graffiti in public places, especially one who specializes in high-quality work rather than vandalism.

These men and woman spend many hours perfecting their art and take it very seriously. It is a almost like a trademark style that they eventually get recognized for using a tag n
ame that the public knows them
 as.S o c i a l  c o m m e n t a t o r :Definition: Someone that makes comments on society

Social commentators create a message through their art works. Creating strong messages they can hopefully get their personal points across to the public and make people think about the problems of society.P r o p a g a n d a    a r t i s t s :
Definition: Information that is spread for the purpose of promoting some cause

By focusing on an issue these artists can create meaningful and special artworks getting into the minds of the public viewers to get their point across.
V a n d a l s :
Definition: Someone who willfully destroys or defaces property

These are the people that give the artists a bad name and create a stereotype for them that is unfair creating problems for the artists to prove themselves to society as artists and not vandals.



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