Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Post 3: MIRANDA - Punk Tattoos

Punk tattoos are based on non-conform appearance using clothing, hairstyle, tattoos and jewellery. Their tattoos are usually colourful and are located on highly visible parts of the body. Punk tattoos can be placed anywhere with no boundaries, on face, arms, backs, hands, calves, thighs, tailbones, hips, chest, lower back, rear ends, neck, fingers, wrist and feet. Many punks sport tattoos at their lips, cheeks or even at some objectionable places.

Punk tattoos are about chaos and rebellion against dullness. The colours red and yellow are used to show fieriness and rebellion, which are mostly used. An image evoking social disgust, rebellion, horror or anarchy placed big at a visible area is all one need for a punk tattoo. Teenagers, young men and women go for punk tattoos depicting sacrifice, torture, wars and other images of that nature.

Punk tattoos are of signs and symbols of the sub-cultural identity. Inspired by the punk scene in Britain during the 1970’s. The images they use are a mosaic of borrowed symbols and icons from various cultures and subcultures for example skulls, dragons, Asian and tribal designs, biker elements, literal tattoos, British flag, marijuana leaves, plaid, anti-establishment tattoos, punk rock and music icons and animals.


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  3. interesting post. excellent choice of images and thoughtfully worded