Wednesday, March 18, 2009

POST 2: MIRANDA - My 10 Commandments.

Lists are the way to go. They help me keep track of my ideas and thoughts and also help clear my mind of them to make room for more. I can come back and reflect on those ideas or it can also help when I have another task as I can apply those ideas and thoughts to it.

Try not to doubt myself too much. When I do doubt myself I am never at my full potential, take risks or I even tend to bail out on the whole idea and end up stuck for more.

Be original as I can. I want to be known for my own personal work and ideas rather than being known to copy others. Taking influences of others work but not stealing it completely is ok, because everyone is influenced by something.

No idea is ‘stupid’. Even the most unlikely of ideas could turn out to work best for whatever I am designing. Try a bit of everything even if I don’t like the ideas at first.

Make enough time. Time management is a good skill to develop and I personally am working on it. Good time management allows you enough time to finish the task to your best ability and really good time management will even give you a little time to reflect on it, which in my opinion isn’t always a good thing.

Don’t criticize my own work too much. I tend to over do it sometimes when it comes to the finished product and ‘fixing’ my mistakes.

Draw lots of thumbnails. It helps me picture better what it is I’m trying to design; also it helps me keep a record of those ideas and thoughts.

Never tear out pages I have done ideas or work on out of my art book when I don’t like it. This helps me know what I did wrong and to change it for the better, I may even come back to that mistake later. I was always taught not to tear anything out.

Take healthy criticism. It is always good to listen to other people’s thoughts on my work as they might pick up on something I didn’t even see or think of. I sometimes tend to get to close to my work and to hear another persons thoughts helps me step back a little and get a fresh point of view.

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