Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ten Commandments of Designing Ethics.

A Designer should: 

  1. create/design their own work.
  2. not use anything thats copyrighted without paying royalties.  FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CLICK HERE
  3. have good communication skills to look after their cliental, and understand what is really needed/expected of them. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION YOU CAN TAKE THIS ONLINE COMMUNICATION SKILLS TEST.
  4. Be able to work in partnership with others as your client may want you to oversee production or explain your concepts to the manufacturer. 
  5. have a sound understanding that certain things are unusable (such as coca cola red or kodak gold). FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ON TRADEMARKS CLICK HERE.
  6. be able to design something which meets the needed criteria of the design (designing something strong enough, or flexible enough for durability.)
  7. use shapes and colors to appeal to the intended audience. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ON COLORS CLICK HERE.
  8. research ideas/concepts to make sure your not starting to design something that already exists. 
  9. Give references and give recognition to others work that you've used or been inspired by.
  10. Stay truthful to yourself and work for people/companies that share your morals or views. (If your against child labour be aware that the company that is your client may be supporting child labour.) Make moral decisions on who you work for.

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