Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Emma Leigh's ethical commandments

10 ethical commandments 
  1. be original in your ideas and designs. Originality is the key to success.
  2. work with environmentally friendly resources. Machines that have a low energy consumption and using recycled materials.
  3. work with companies with the same moral views so as not to cause problems for yourself and others. 
  4. create your products with out using slave or child labour. We are all humans and we need to treat each other equally. Those who don't have much money need your work and the money you are paying be fair in your wages.
  5. work with smaller companies and businesses. Giant cooperation's  are used to stepping on the little people so help the little people not the big guys.
  6. don't test your products on animals or create products that involve the killing of animals for the finished product. using leather from a cow already going to die for food is only using what is already going to die rather than killing a leopard for its fur.
  7. keep your businesses money within Australia (or the country or your origin)  to keep opportunities open for those who helped you and those still to come.
  8. if using wooden products use 'farm' grown trees not rain forest trees. Destroying an animals home for your gain isn't the way to go.
  9. present your ideas in an easy to understand way so you dont confuse your customer.
  10. remember the customer is always right by keeping them happy you will in return (when the pay check comes) be happy.
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